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Soprasolar® range SOPREMA's range of integrated photovoltaic waterproofing membranes

As part of a general approach in favour of sustainable development, the use of solar energy is supported by governments. It has a promising future. The SOPREMA group, worldwide waterproofing specialist, made a firm commitment to this technology in 2005.

Today, SOLARDIS offers processes for integrating:

Soprasolar® mono

Self-protected SBS bituminous single-layer membrane incorporating flexible photovoltaic cells.

Soprasolar® duo

Self-protected SBS bituminous bilayer, incorporating flexible photovoltaic cells on the second layer.

Soprasolar® fix

The photovoltaic modules are clipped into a structure on feet that is fastened to waterproof panels sealed to the substrate.

Lightweight, attractive and strong, these solutions are ideal for new build and renovation work, to take advantage of the large surfaces offered by inaccessible flat roofs.

With the SOPRASOLAR® range, turn your roof into a profit centre!