Advantages for customers

Advantages for customers

Our experience

  • 2 m million sq.m. of waterproofed surfaces covered with Soprasolar® and Flagsolar® systems
  • 600 projects - 90 MWc
  • Over 60 references of buildings certified as "high environmental performance" buildings (BePos Effinergie


Enhance your property and your image

  • Creation of green value: increase in value generated by the energy and environmental performance of a building
  • C.S.R. content (Corporate Social Responsibility) : Reduction in the building's carbon footprint
  • Complete recycling chain of photovoltaic panels


Reduce the cost of your electricity

  • Lower building running costs
  • Creation of green value by improving the building's energy performance
  • It is becoming cheaper to produce your own electricity than to consume it from the mains

The best electricity is not the electricity you consume, it is the electricity you produce while you are consuming it.


Return on investment and increase in productivity

  • Creation of a supplementary income
  • Energy payback in less than 3 years
  • No thermal bridges and reduced insulation thickness
  • Ventilation of the underside of the panels increase productivity
  • Easy to maintain and waterproofing remains visible


Benefit from a set of guarantees

  • Complete package with a 20-year warranty (SOPREMA group), from the waterproofing to the power inverter and the insulation
  • Several systems accredited with Avis Technique (Technical Approvals) and ENT certificates
  • Reinforced waterproofing systems with maintenance contract
  • No piercing of the waterproofing membrane: no risk of leaks due to upstands(*)
  • No accidents: insurance certificates available on request
  • BRoof fire classifications (t3)