Advantages for installers

Advantages for installers

Increase safety and rapidity of installation

  • Complete package with a 20-year warranty (SOPREMA group), from the waterproofing to the power inverter
  • "Ready-to-install" systems
  • Easy to plan layout
  • No need to earth the pedestals
  • Less handling
  • Adjustable pedestals to avoid any twisting of modules
  • Reinforced waterproofing membranes

Expand the areas of use

  • Any type of atmosphere (including sea fronts)
  • Cyclone-prone areas possible with appropriate design calculations
  • Slopes up to 60% possible (with anchoring systems)
  • Modules can be used in portrait or landscape layout
  • Modules can be inclined 0°, 2°, 10° or 18°
  • Flexible or rigid modules
  • Possibility of installing anchoring systems (for slopes over 10%)
  • Can be combined with green roofs

Reduce additional loads

  • No ballasting
  • Even distribution of the panels' load.

Benefit from support from the design stage

  • Personalised support for every project
  • Configurable BIM objects