How to make the most of your property ?

How to make the most of your property ?

Photovoltaic solar panels on a flat roof : an essential  component in a plan to give every building "green value"*.
*"green value" = "The additional net value of a property resulting from a better environmental performance"

The energy performances of new buildings that meet the highest requirements are creating a new phenomenon: a gradual depreciation in the value of existing buildings if they are not renovated. "The constant improvement of news buildings' performances is pushing less recent buildings out of the loop and they are becoming threatened with obsolescence," remarks Alain Maugard, President of Qualibat (French company certification and qualification body )

This phenomenon of the economic depreciation of any property that does not or no longer meets new market standards is driving certain project owners to anticipate on changes in regulations and to build very high performance buildings.
If they are to achieve this, then producing renewable energy is indispensable to make up for all or part of the site's electricity consumption and attain an ambitious energy balance.
To demonstrate this high energy performance to third parties, project owners seek to comply with official standards and obtain a certification or label by going through a certifying body.

Green value is recognised.

In a comparison between two types of constructions (whether or not they meet ambitious objectives) in the end will always rest on classic economic criteria : their market value.
"Returns on real estate have grown much faster than other types of investment, and without most property owners having to make any particular effort or take any risks. But things are changing with the development of buildings with a green value, which has a favourable impact on their economic value," explains Alain Maugard.

Indeed, new buildings are coming closer and closer to achieving energy autonomy, which improves their operating costs. But the construction techniques and materials used also provide value added that the property will benefit from: organically or ecologically sourced, sometimes produced with green energy, with considerably longer service lives and more easily reused, the components in a high environmental performance building give it an additional net value that the markets can no longer ignore.

With its experience from over 60 contracts for buildings certified as high environmental performance buildings, SOLARDIS works with you from the design of the building through to the actual construction, to enable you to make the best use of the surfaces available on the roofs to achieve your objectives in terms of energy performance... and therefore economic performance!

What are the benefits for the customer?

  • Creation of green value: increase in the value generated by the energy and environmental performance of a property
  • CSR content (Corporate Social Responsibility): Reduction in the building's carbon footprint
  • Complete recycling chain of photovoltaic panels
  • Complete package with a 20-year warranty (SOPREMA group), from the waterproofing to the power inverter and the insulation
  • Several systems accredited with ATec and ENT certificates
  • Reinforced waterproofing systems with maintenance contract
  • No piercing of the waterproofing membrane: no risk of leaks due to upstands
  • No accidents: insurance certificates available on request
  • BRoof fire classifications (t3)
  • No piercing
  • No thermal bridges
  • Easy to install and maintain