The best electricity is the electricity you produce while you are consuming it !

The largest part of the energy consumed in buildings is electricity. Mainly produced in France by nuclear power stations, but elsewhere in Europe still with a large proportion from fossil fuels, it has one characteristic that differentiates it from other mass consumption energy forms: we have not yet discovered how to store it in massively and cheaply.

"The issue around energy in buildings is simple : we need to produce energy at the moment when it is consumed. With the major drawback that if everyone consumes at the same time – which is highly likely given people's similar lifestyles – the production and transporting of electricity becomes more and more costly," explains Yannick Perez, lecturer in economics at CentraleSupélec and the University of Paris-Sud.

To make this energy cheaper for the consumer, several avenues are being explored in Europe, with the aim of making electricity less rare and therefore less expensive, whilst also reducing its consumption to avoid peaks in consumption. To achieve these objectives, the development of green energy production is also being encouraged: biogas, biomass, wind power, photovoltaic, deep and other forms of geothermal energy, etc. Finally, energy efficiency zones are being created to structurally reduce consumption. For example, zones with buildings with higher environmental performances, such as energy-plus buildings.

To do this, there have been many changes to the regulations recently, with the aim of clarifying the conditions that allow owners to use the electricity they produce themselves.
In particular the government has started to put out invitations to tender which provide for the most efficient use of the energy produced.

And so, forthcoming rises (expected and announced) in the price of electricity for all types of consumers are already making it more than worthwhile to integrate solar power production in buildings: the cheapest electricity becomes the electricity that you produce when you consume it!

With our expertise and our network of partners, we at SOLARDIS can support you with any project aimed at consuming electricity produced on the roof on site.

Advantages to customers :

  • Lower building running costs
  • Creation of green value by improving the building's energy performance
  • It is becoming cheaper to produce your own electricity than to consume it from the mains