Our certifications



SOPRASOLAR account three photovoltaic solutions on roof brings down "current technique" :

- Soprasolar Duo, under technical opinion 21/15-52 with supple movies

- Soprasolar Fix Alu, under technical opinion 21/15-54 with crystalline panels on support concrete




- Soprasolar Fix Evo, under ATEX (Technical Appreciation of Experiment) on 2352 with crystalline panels on expanding element Ribbed Sheet steel





These processes are thus considered " common technique ", what allows the insurers to express a favorable opinion on the processes, and to return the insurable solar power plant.



These solutions are ideal for the following applications :

- Shopping malls subjected to the Law Biodiversity
- Tertiary buildings or residential collective wishing to reach the label E+C-
- Logistic platforms wishing to welcome a solar power plant on their roof

With about 3 millions of m ² of references since 2008 without any disaster, Soprasolar accompanies you in your projects of the conception in the execution. Our chargés d'affaires lead a work personalized to allow the realization of every affair.

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