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Biodiversity Law or ecological certifications, such as BePos, HQE, BREAM, LEED wish to give your company a "greener" image, concern to save energy, desire to produce all or some of your power yourself, there is no lack of good reasons to install a photovoltaic system on your flat roof.

One thing you will have in common if you are a waterproofer, electrician, member of a design office, architect, building owner: you won't be installing solar panels on a daily basis and you will be working to tight deadlines.

It is therefore important to call in a specialist in solar and photovoltaic solutions, who will be able to advise you and offer personalised support, to help you understand the issues and provide simple answers, in accordance with good professional practice :

  • Responsiveness : whatever your deadline, we will stick to the schedule fixed
  • Adaptability : one flat roof will not be the same as another flat roof : the requirements regarding the materials will not be the same, nor will the load bearing capacity ; the surface will be dotted with rainwater, mechanical ventilation and smoke removal vents and it will not always be flat. Our variable incline, rigid or flexible panels, installed on height adjustable pedestals mean that we can make the most of every inch of your flat roof.
  • We can advise you on the best solution to get the best possible output.
  • Simplicity : Our systems are simple to install, even for a team that is not used to handling solar panels. We provide tutorials to guide you step by step and your SOPRASOLAR® contact will explain you all the techniques you need : Our solutions are "ready to install"!
  • Expertise : Energy output is not the only parameter we take into account : safety, waterproofing, appearance and robustness are also important factors in analysing your project. Since SOPRASOLAR® was created, we have never had any accidents or incidents. 100% satisfaction for over 600 projects implemented : that is the result of SOPRASOLAR®'s expertise.
  • Reliability : We provide a personalised service from beginning to end and our systems benefit from a 20-year warranty : just what you need for total peace of mind!

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