Solar gain


Thanks to the solutions of photovoltaic waterproofness Soprasolar®  of the SOPREMA® Group, transform the sun into ally and bring the best of the sun in all your buildings !



The solutions of the range Soprasolar® consist of complete processes which allow to produce some electricity from the solar energy, the whole without degrading the quality of the waterproofness and by respecting the sustainable development.

  • Conformity with the current statutory requirements.
  • Proven, complete solutions, which do not degrade the complex of waterproofness and the thermal performances.
  • Complete process allowing to avoid any ballasting in roof.
  • Ease of implementation and maintenance: the solutions are "ready of resting" with a support in the implementation.
  • 20 years of guarantee on the installed products making the life expectancy of the waterproofness coincide to that of solar panels PV.

The needs for every varying building, SOPRASOLAR® propose a wide range of solutions allowing to answer the specificities of every project in term of system of integration of the photovoltaic modules and some typology of electrical connection.

The processes are : Soprasolar® Fix Alu | Soprasolar® Fix Evo | Soprasolar® Fix Evo Tilt | Soprasolar® Tilt