Soprema's Action


Over 20 years, SOPREMA® take many disposition to limit the impact of ours products and his activity on the nature and on the Man during all the life of a work, of his construction to his destruction by going through his exploitation.

SOPREMA®'s R&D approach, strongly directed Sustainable development, is translated by the limitation of its environmental impact thanks to the use of renewable resources in its production and at the heart of his factories, and by the directed innovation safety and health.

The history of the company is bound to the societal evolutions and to the stakes which result from it. Responsible and precursory industrialist, SOPREMA® always developed its offer with the development of systems and ecological solutions, and constructive technologies biosourcées. So, over the years, proceeded to revegetation, contribution of photovoltaic solutions for the power production, or still manufacturing and supply of insulations came to enrich the ranges of SOPREMA®.


a HQE approach

Produce materials which answer the immediate expectations of the Clients but also to protect the future generations, such are the stakes which the actors of the construction have to integrate from now on into all their steps. 

SOPREMA® took numerous capacities to improve the working conditions of his collaborators and make sensitive his staff. This approach became a reality, among others, by the creation of a Direction Sustainable development. His mission is to federate, but also to develop in the breast the company a real "culture Sustainable development". An ambitious but essential project to translate in the facts the justifiable inhalation of each of us to live better.




SOPREMA® created the label " eco struction ", which allows to indicate(appoint) products and services(departments) answering specifically the approach(initiative) of sustainable development of the company. A precious visual identification when it is a question of answering environmental criteria within the framework of a project HQE ® (High environmental quality)!