SOPRASOLAR® Flex is a solar waterproofing solution. It is a double layer solution developed to ensure a perfect tightness by combining a SBS layer with the PV flexible laminates.

SOPRASOLAR® Flex: a  light-weight, waterproof and renewable energy solution for tour flat roof.

All our systems undergo very demanding fire and wind tests to ensure the safety of all our systems, contact us if you want to know more!




  • More than 320 references all over the world
  • + 850 000 m² of flat roofs covered 
  • For new projects as well as refurbishing
  • High end doule layer bitumen
  • BROOF (t3)
  • Simple wiring and easy maintenance


Technical aspects

  • Fully welded double layer bitumen
  • On class C insulation
  • No roof penetration
  • Mandatory long-term maintenance
  • Minimum slope 2 % (bitumen) et 3 % (wood/steel)
  • Weight of the complex : 10,5 kg/m² (without insulation and waterproofing)

Our offer for your projects

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