SOPRASOLAR® Fix Evo Tilt is a solar waterproofing solution for flat roofs without roof drilling that allows the implementation of tilted PV panels (portrait or landscape) on a system of patented pedestals. Therefore, your PV installation is implemented on a safe, guaranteed and patented systems without adding ballast or drilling the roof.
Our patented pedestals are linked to raisers which gives the tilt (7°or 10°)

All our systems undergo very demanding fire and wind tests to ensure the safety of all our systems, contact us if you want to know more!




  •  Single or double layer Soprema waterproofing under technical agreement 
  • Puncture resistant (I4 ou I5)
  • Sans percement de l’étanchéité au niveau des plots
  • Without roof drilling
  • Easy to put in place 
  • Height adjustable pedestal
  • No thermal bridging 


Technical aspects

  • On adherent waterproofing or semi-independent or mechanically fixed  SOPREMA under technical agreement 
  • On bitumen, wood, steel load-bearing element
  • On Class C insulation
  • Allowed slope : 0 to 10 %
  • A minimum of 120 mm rear ventilation of panels
  • Weight of the complex: +/- 14 kg/m² (without insulation and waterproofing)
  • All climates 

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