SOPRASOLAR Park is a device designed for parking spaces, allowing the integration of inclined photovoltaic modules (in portrait) on metal structures via galvanised steel rails.

The modules are attached to the rails from below with clips, which allows for simple, quick and safe installation (no displacement of the modules).




  • Dimensioned according to Eurocodes
  • Easy to install
  • Sun and weather protection
  • Wide range of use
  • Great adaptability of the structure
  • Simplified earthing
  • No thermal bridge


Technical data

  • Installation of the modules from below using an original clamping system
  • On inclined metal frames from 5 to 15°.
  • System weight less than 14kg/m², including photovoltaic modules 
  • Two lengths of ramp available: 6m (1 row of vehicles) and 12m (2 rows of vehicles facing each other)
    All types of atmosphere (including seafront)


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