An international scope

Soprasolar carries out project all over the world : France (& French Islands), Canada, Spain, Italy, Benelux, Switzerland and many more…

So wherever you are, you can rely on Soprasolar !   Contact us  !

A strong synergy with SOPREMA

Soprasolar is a subsidiary of Soprema, known worldwide as an expert in waterproofing and insulation products since 1908. Soprema is more than 8000 employees spread out in +90 subsidiaries worldwide, thereby, Soprasolar can guarantee a perfect waterproofness for its solutions.


A strong engagement towards sustainability 

Soprasolar’s action is fully in line with Soprema’s approach : The future is now

Soprema is committed to commercialize environmentally friendly products throughout their life-cycle, this approach aims to provide solutions for sustainable buildings and improve energy efficiency. Soprema believes that Solar PV has a key role in this strategy by combining high-end roofing material with solar panels able to generate renewable energy.


Technical Approval

  • "Technical Approval" for Soprasolar Fix Evo Tilt on bitumen 
  • Environmental Assessment for Soprasolar Fix Evo pedestal


Solar PV solutions for PVC/TPO

  • "Assessment of New Techniques" for  Soprasolar Fix Evo Tilt PVC-TPO
  • "Assessment of New Techniques" for Soprasolar Flex


10 years of Solar PV Expertise

  • SOPRASOLAR: 10 years of PV projects ! 
  • "Technical Approval" for SOPRASOLAR ® Fix Evo on steel decks 


Soprasolar® Fix Evo Tilt

  • First projects with Soprasolar® Fix Evo Tilt
  • Bim objects for Soprasolar® Fix Alu


Soprasolar® Fix

  • First project with Soprasolar® Fix Evo in Martinique (tropical zone)
  • 500 000  Soprasolar® Fix pedestals sold


Additional "Technical Approval"

  • 2nd renewal for Soprasolar® Duo "Technical Approval"
  • "Technical Approval" for Soprasolar® Fix Alu on bitumen


Biggest rooftop PV plant in France !

  • Biggest rooftop PV plant in France : 5,4 MWp


Additional "Assessment of New Techniques"

  • "Assessment of New Techniques" for Soprasolar® Tilt
  • "Assessment of New Techniques" for Soprasolar® Fix Evo
  • 1 million m² of rooftop area covered with Solar waterproofing 


The start of a new activity

  • "Assessment of New Techniques" for Flagsolar®
  • Starting to sell SMA® & FRONIUS® inverters
  • Renewal of Soprasolar® Duo "Technical Approval" 


Soprasolar® Fix Alu

  • "Assessment of New Techniques" for Soprasolar® Fix Alu
  • Development of a 3 MWp PV plant with Soprasolar® Fix Alu


Biggest PV Plant in the Paris region

  • "Assessment of New Techniques" for Soprasolar® Fix Acier
  • Biggest PV Plant in the Paris region (858 kWc) with Soprasolar® Duo


Industrial rooftop in Spain

  • "Technical Approval" for Soprasolar® Duo
  • Refurbishment of a 150 000 m²  industrial rooftop in Spain (5 MWp)



  • Creation of SOLARDIS®
  • Refurbishment of a warehouse in Paris (250 kWp)


1st Assessment of New Techniques

  • "Assessment of New Techniques" for Soprasolar® Duo


Soprasolar® Duo

  • 1st Soprasolar® Duo plant

At Soprasolar, we have been committed for more than 12 years towards sustainable buildings and clean energy. All over the world, the regulatory environment is becoming more favorable to Solar PV on flat roofs, so it is a great satisfaction for us to see new buildings emerging with solar roofs. Many economic players are now convinced that solar PV is the most efficient way to reduce their ecological footprint and gain an additional source of income. Our goal, is to assist contractors and landlords to implement safe, competitive and ecofriendly solar waterproofing solutions. So wherever you are, let’s all think solar for a sustainable future.

Soprasolar can assist you in your PV project all over the world